• 8.44 (July 25, 2018) Fixed a bug in the Alarm Center: the selected voice did not update, when using the speaking function and voice output worked only on Windows 10
  • 8.43 Fixed a bug in the Feed Reader module: the search function did not work, when invalid feeds were in the list. Also added a function to show a label "Invalid Feed" in such cases. The user can then remove them manually or update the address; Updated several program libraries (DLLs) to their latest version
  • 8.42 Removed some invalid feeds from the included feed reader list, which seem to have terminated their free service:
    Associated Press, CNBC, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post. More feeds can be found with a search engine or in this list
  • 8.41 Updated time zone database to version IANA 2018e; Fixed an issue with the "keep on screen" function, which caused the clock to be moved away from the screen border during startup on some machines; Added a "10 Years" item to the timespan filter in the alarm list
  • 8.4 Fixed the "keep windows on screen area" function, which did not work properly on some multi-monitor environments; Fixed the "stick to border" (magnet) function, which now works on additional monitors; Annual appointments now show up in the calendar widget each year; Optimizations on the info popup positioning.
  • 8.39 Updated time zone database to version to IANA 2018d
  • 8.38 Fixed a graphics glitch in the world map (earth shadow did not fill the whole map between 12:00 and 13:00 UTC)
  • 8.37 Saving of settings during startup phase and on involuntary shutdown is now prevented
  • 8.36 Enhanced program stability during startup. Better preparations are taken for rare cases in which the clock settings could not be loaded: the program cannot start with just one default clock anymore - instead it will try loading again after a delay, then check again and if still not successful offer a restart or shutdown; Fixed a small bug: resize handles could stay visible, when the "Anchor (immobilize)" option was set.
  • 8.35 Added a number spinner to all slider controls, so you can decide which one to use; The "Select Font" dialog now responds to changes of the theme (Dark/Light)
  • 8.34 Fixed a bug in the updater: there was an error when saving the setup file to the "Downloads" folder after downloading it (please use a different folder for saving the setup file or change the file name, before you have this version)
  • 8.33 Left clicking a date at the calendar widget now brings up a context menu, where you can edit an existing alarm, add a new one or just bring up the alarms list (alarm center in default mode); Small bug fix: alarm tooltips for the calendar can no longer be off-screen, if they are too wide; Updated the time zone database to IANA 2018c (released 2018-01-22) and also several libaries.
  • 8.32 Added mmHg and inHg as air pressure options to the weather report; Added filters for daily and annual alarms to the alarms list
  • 8.31 Minor bug fixed
  • 8.3 Important bugfix: settings files cannot be overwritten with empty ones anymore; Minor fix: calender settings dialog can no longer be partially off-screen after opening; Clicking the Calendar menu item now hides the calendar, if it is visible; Design fix (line separator) in the weather dialog; Update optimization: after downloading the new setup file, program exits and installation starts automatically
  • 8.2 New feature in the weather report dialog: current day 3-hours-interval forecast with temperature and weather symbol
  • 8.13 Calendar widget switches to new date now, when system time day changes
  • 8.12 Minor bug fixed: graphics glitch in the date window
  • 8.11 New time zone database (IANA 2017c); optimizations for the weather report at the info popup
  • 8.1 First stable and free of known bugs version - update is strongly recommended.
    Major bug fixed: sound files could not be found after recovering from standby, affecting alarms and chimes; Minor fixes: Folded/hidden cities in the meeting planner are now hidden throughout the program session; Info popup will not be off-screen but in the top-left corner, when main window fills the entire screen.
  • 8.096 Fixed several bugs: wind direction icons were not visible when using the "Light" theme; the Feed Reader did not open when using the notification icon menu. Design change: the "Anchor" option does not affect the "Menu Button" and "Info Popup" items anymore since these can be deactivated in the global settings.
  • 8.095 Fixed earth shadow on world map, color of umbrella icon in the tab, redesigned welcome dialog
  • 8.093, 8.094 Bug fixes for the info tooltip positioning was off-screen in some situations
  • 8.092 Bug fixes (license activation stability, symbols on Windows 7 systems, "Auto Sort" not checked in context menu)
  • 8.09 Added option to hide rows in the meeting planner; bug fix: switch "Sounds are OFF" did not affect "speak time"
  • 8.08 Bug fixes
  • 8.07 Fixed bugs in the alarm center (sound settings), the time shift control (office hour shading) and the chime ("speak the time" failed when set "every hour")
  • 8.06 New feature: time zone converter now shows distance between selected cities in km and miles
  • 8.01..05 - Important bug fixes (clocks showing UTC instead of local time, user account issues, stability improvements)
  • 8.00 (October 14, 2017) New release with totally new codebase, all WPF
    1 year+ of development time; lots of new features and improvements
    Check out what's new in version 8