Adding a Clock to the World Clock

You can have a virtually unlimited number of clocks in the world clock collection. Clocks can be added and removed any time.

To add a clock, click the Add menu item:
Add Clock

The clock you add will appear after the last position in your clock collection and will (at first) be a duplicate of the clock, where you clicked the Add menu item. You change the city after adding the clock. When the new clock has appeared, you have the opportunity to edit the city right away:
Add Clock

If you don't do it at this moment, you can do it any time later though.
When you have a single (undocked) clock, you can create a copy (clone) of that clock:
Add Clock

It will appear right next to the existing clock and can then be freely positioned on your desktop and configured any way you like. There is no limit for the number of clocks you add, although you should notice that the processor load will be higher, the more clocks you show and the bigger they are on the screen.

Removing a Clock from the World Clock

To remove a clock, click the Remove menu item:
Remove Clock

On single (undocked) clocks this menu item is titled "Close". You can remove all undocked clocks, but you cannot remove the last clock in the main window.