World Clock Date- and Time Format

Each clock can have either an analog clock (with hands), a digital clock or both - digital clock below the clock face. In the digital clock you can set any format and language you like. The selected language influences the strings for weekday and month, but also the format of the standard time formats, which you can select in the list. Time Format

The standard format "dddd, HH:mm" can show different strings not just for the weekday name, but also for the time like shown here:

  • English, (United Kingdom): Saturday, 14:55
  • English, (USA): Saturday, 2:55 PM
  • German: Samstag, 14:55
Since Sharp World Clock is Unicode capable, all Windows system languages can be used and all characters can be displayed. There are 6 standard time format strings provided in the list:
Time Formats

Custom Date-/Time Format

If none of the default format strings fulfills your needs, you can assemble your own time string with a custom format, using any available placeholder as you like:
CustomTime Format

This string must be assembled by following strict rules - each character can stands for a specific element. You can display a "cheat sheet" by clicking the "?" button on the top right corner of this dialog:

Placeholder Symbol for Format
HH Hour (leading zero) 24 h
H Hour (no leading zero) 24 h
hh Hour (leading zero) 12 h
h Hour (no leading zero) 12 h
mm Minutes
ss Seconds
yyyy Year 4 digits
yy Year 2 digits
MMMM Name of Month long
MMM Name of Month short
MM Number of Month leading zero
M Number of Month no leading zero
dddd Weekday long
ddd Weekday short
dd Day of Month leading zero
d Day of Month no leading zero
xx Week of the Year (1..52)
xxx Day of the Year (1..365)
tt AM/PM
t A/P
\ Date Separator
"abc" Other Characters (in quotes)