Desktop Calendar Widget - integrated in the World Clock

Sharp World Clock comes with a sophisticated calendar widget for your desktop - a resizable month calendar, that can be freely placed anywhere you like.

You can show 1, 2, 4 or even 6 months at once - with different layout schemes.

Calendar Widgets

Not only the size can be adjusted, but also the color (solid or linear gradient) and the transparency (0..90%).

Along with the Alarm Center it is also a reminder for your appointments: you can make it show your alarms as a little triangle marker on the day of the alarm.

The image below shows activated Week Numbers, on the left side of each week:

Calendar Week Numbers

Moving the mouse cursor over the calendar widget, you can see additional buttons to operate the calandar. Press the arrows left and right of a month label to switch one month forward or backward and the arrows next to the year label to switch one year forward or backward. Click at a month label to reset the calendar to the current month. Click the "..." label on the bottom left corner to open the settings dialog (or right-click to open the context menu and select Settings).

Calendar Widget Settings Dialog

Click the "..." button on the bottom left corner of the calendar widget (shows up on mouse over) to open the calendar settings (or right-click to open the context menu and select Settings):
Calendar Context Menu

This is how the calendar settings look like:
Calendar Settings Dialog

Calendar with Background Image The calendar widget can have a solid background, a linear color gradient and even a background image, as it is shown here.

Settings Items

Text Color - Black / White - set the font color for the day labels on the calendar, so you have an optimal readability, depending on the selected background color
Background - Solid Color / Linear Gradient / Background Image - set the background color or background image of the calendar widget. Hint: try a linear gradient from some color to transparent!

  • Months - set the scheme for the displayed months: 1 Month, 2 Months vertically, 2 Months horizontally, 4 Months, 6 Months 2x3, 6 Months 3x2
  • Week Numbers - shows the number of each week, in the leftmost column of each week
  • Alarms - shows one-time alarms in the alarm center as a triangle marker on the day of the alarm (see next paragraph)
  • Weekly Alarms
  • Monthly Alarms
  • Auto Start - open the calendar widget along with Sharp World Clock, so you don't have to open it manually
  • Topmost - make the calendar stay on top of other windows
  • Hide with Clocks - apply the same hide/show behavior to the calendar like the clocks have, so you can make it show or disappear with a hotkey or with a mouse click at the tray icon
  • Round Corners - activates round corners for the calendar window
  • English Names - Shows English language names for the month and weekday names, in case you prefer that over your local language
  • Transparency - set the calendar to semi-transparent. Check the option "Opaque on Mouse Over" to make it opaque when the mouse cursor hovers over it. Notice that you can also set a transparent or semi-transparent color as a background, for an alternative.

Alarm Markers

If you have set alarms in the alarm center, those are shown with colored triangle markers in the days at the calendar: Calendar Alarm Marker Those markers have the same color as selected for the alarm.

Alarm Tooltips

On mouse-over on a day in the calendar where there are one or more alarms scheduled (recurring alarms and count-down-alarms are not considered), you can see a tooltip window like this one:
Calendar Alarm Tooltip

Day-Click Menu

When you left-click a day on the calendar for the current day or a date in the future, this context menu shows up:
Calendar Left-Click Menu

Note: the "Edit Alarm" menu item only shows when there is one and only one single alarm for this date (again, recurring alarms and count-down-alarms are not considered). If this is the case, you can simply click the menu item for this day to edit or delete the scheduled alarm. The other two items are for adding a new alarm for the selected date and for showing the alarm list (the same as opening the alarm center dialog in default mode).

Version 9.65

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