The World Clock on the Desktop

Sharp World Clock is very variable in its appearance on your desktop - you can change virtually anything you can imagine: size, colors, style, format etc. A standard configuration can look like this, for example:
10 Clocks on the Desktop

You see 10 analog clocks with an additional digital clock below the clock face.

Resizing the World Clock

You can resize the clocks by dragging the resize handle in the bottom right corner of the clocks:
Resize Grip
You can make them very small and also very big - there is no limit. Notice that the visual quality on your desktop will remain practically the same and the resizing can be accomplished steplessly!
In the background the resizing is done in 3D and is hardware accelerated, using DirectX. The resize handle becomes visible on mouse-hover only.

Arranging the World Clocks

The normal way to display the clocks on your Windows desktop is to arrange them in in a grid array or in a horizontal or vertical line. You can change the nummber of columns with a slider, to make the appearance fit the number of clocks and the space you have on your desktop. For 6 clocks, you can for instance have 3 columns and 2 rows - or 2 columns and 3 rows - or just one horizontal line.

To adjust the columns and rows, open the Settings dialog and look for the track bar on the bottom of the dialog:
Changing Columns and Rows

Undocking Clocks on the Desktop

You can undock one or several single clocks from the main window and move them anywhere on your desktop. To undock a clock, click the "Undock" menu item:
Undock Menu Item

After undocking is completed, the single clock can be handled independently from the others in terms of size, position and appearance:
Undocked Clock

You can just as easily dock an undocked clock again - it will be added to your main window again, after clicking the "Dock" menu item. Notice that the clocks inside the main window can also have a different appearance, when you select "This Clock only" in the settings dialog:
Apply Design