Sticky Notes

Sharp World Clock includes a "Sticky Notes" module, to add virtual sticky notes popups to your desktop:

Sticky Notes Popup

You can open a new window from any menu or context menu (click "Add" and a new window will be opened):

Context Menu for Sticky Notes

To start writing, click the edit-button in the upper right corner to enter edit mode or double-click the window. When a new window is opened, edit mode is set for a few seconds by default. To exit edit mode, hit "Esc" on your keyboard or click the button in the upper right corner.

In the context menu you can...

  • Set "Topmost" mode for a window (stays on top of other windows)
  • Add a new window with the same size and settings as this one (clone function)
  • Select the font, font size and font color
  • Close the current window

Font Selector for Sticky Notes

To hide/show all sticky notes windows or to add a new sticky note you can also use global hotkeys:

Font Selector for Sticky Notes