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Current revision: 9.6.5
Version History
Version 8 was created from scratch and summarizes 10+ years of program history
  •  Multiple analog or digital World Time Clocks
  •  Animated World Map, Sun and Moon Data
  •  Correct Time and DST for every Time Zone
  •  23,000+ Cities in all 244 Countries on Earth
  •  Multiple Alarms and Countdown Timers
  •  Meeting Planner, Time Converter, Chimes
  •  Calendar, Weather, Sticky Notes, News...

Sharp World Clock is a powerful, easy-to-use, multi-functional, beautifully designed Desktop World Clock

New: city name can be
beneath the clock face
and the date/time label
can have line breaks:
Label Position

Do you have friends, relatives or business partners in different time zones, all over the world? Is it important for you to always know the exact time in a foreign country or in a different time zone? Is dealing with different time zones essential for your work as a manager, broker, trader or for your personal life? Then you need a desktop world time clock program - try Sharp World Clock! Users write:

»I downloaded about 5 programs and found it to be the best. Easy to use; clear and concise.«
»Best product of its type I could find. Visually appealing and very user friendly.«
»I did my research - this is the best one out there. The time converter is indispensable. The program is fast, visually pleasing and quite customizable.«
»Amazing clock application! Best I have ever used. Tons and tons of customization features.«
»This is an excellent program, it does what it says. Easy to customise, easy to use, intuitive program that is pleasing to the eye and very useful.«

Benefits of an offline World Clock Software

A world clock widget on your Windows desktop is very helpful, if you have to know the time in different time zones. Employees must know the office hours for their collegues and customers in other countries, brokers have to know the opening hours of stock exchanges. And for everybody else it is good and useful to know what time it is in a distant city, where a friend or relative is living, so you know when you can call him or her or expect an answer to an email.

Although it is easy to find websites that show the time in other time zones, it is inconvenient and time consuming to find the exact information you are looking for online, on an ad-cluttered website. Sharp World Clock works offline on your desktop - you can have an always accurate world clock program, visible on demand to show the exact time in any major city on earth.

There are more time zones than you probably are aware of, ranging -12 to +12 hours from UTC and many of them follow complicated daylight saving rules. These rules have to be considered besides the UTC deviation, which makes it difficult to calculate the time difference of two cities, without having a dedicated world clock program. In the northern hemisphere daylight saving rules are in place during the months of summer, while in the southern hemisphere it is active during the winter. Sharp World Clock uses an integrated list of currently 357 IANA time zones, which is updated about 3 times a year. Besides being able to show as many clocks as you like, in every possible design and configuration, this world clock features several additional functions and components, like weather report, alarms, a time zone converter, a calendar widget and more.

This world clock is not just an ordinary time tool, but also an attractive decoration for your desktop and a useful collection of tools for your daily life. Once you have tried it, you will not want to live without it anymore - and a lot of users confirmed that in enthusiastic reviews. Give it a try and join thousends of satisfied users all over the world!

Calendar Widget

Calendar Widget and Clock This image shows the top right corner of a Windows desktop in an example configuration with a single (undocked) clock, showing the local time and the resizable calendar widget (can show 1, 2, 4 or even 6 months - here set to 2 months, vertically), which is also included in this world clock. You can show your appointments inside the calendar as small triangles in different colors: Notification Colors - appointment details are shown on mouse-over. The calendar uses your local settings, so the first day of the week, the months and the weekday names ar localized. Notice the color gradient - the calendar widget can use a solid color or a color gradient, including partial transparency! A mouse click at the clock shows or hides the main window with several clocks for other cities and time zones. This is a recommended setting, but you can also just have the main window with multiple clocks - hidden by default or visible all the time. (Click to magnify)

All Time Zones in the World - with accurate Daylight Saving Time

World Clock - Analog Clocks
Select a preconfigured design from the visual gallery and tweak it as you like! Change fonts, hands, colors, borders, markers, date window, numerals, country flags and more. Clocks can be styled as a group or individually and are losslessly resizable. All functions but the weather report work off-line, without internet connection. Daylight saving rules for each time zone are obeyed accurately, using an integrated time zone database from, which is updated 3 or 4 times a year.

Unlimited Analog or Digital Clocks on your Desktop, for any Time Zone

Analog and Digital World Clocks
There is no loss in visual quality, when resizing the clocks: they can be tiny or huge and anything in between (the graphics are using WPF, which is a layer on DirectX). Clocks can be in analog or digital mode. Country flags, borders are optional, like all other details. You can modify colors, fonts, borders, date/time format and everything else for all clocks or individually. Clocks can be in a row, line or grid or single (undocked). If not needed all the time, they can be hidden and shown with a hotkey or a click at an undocked clock.

Time Converter and Meeting Planner - Convert easily from one Time Zone to another

World Clock - Time Zone Converter and Meeting Planner The integrated Time Zone Converter can easily convert the time from one time zone to another. Daylight Saving is taken into account precisely, thanks to the most accurate and up-to-date IANA time zone database. The Meeting Planner makes arranging meetings across multiple time zones a snap.

Alarms and Timers for Local Time or any Time in the World

Alarm Notifications Set alarms and count-down alarms in the sophisticated Alarm Center
Slide-in notifications can have different colors Notification Colors
Single Alarms - show a reminder on any given date and time, local time or the time in any city
Daily Alarms - repeat an alarm each day at a given time or only on selected weekdays
Weekly and Monthly Alarms - show an alarm on certain week days and on a certain day each month
Annual Alarms - show an alarm on a certain date each year (plus warning 1..10 days before)
Count-Down Alarms - set a timespan (hours and minutes, up to 100 hours)
Chimes - hear a sound signal or hear spoken time
Optionally play a sound file (WAV, MP3, WMA, once or looped) or speak the alarm message

Weather Reports for every major City in the World

Weather Report

Weather Report and Forecast

One of the integrated tools of this world clock is a world wide weather report, which is updated every 2 hours. It shows the current weather conditions, a 3-hours-interval forecast for the current day and the forecast for the next four days, with minimum/maximum temperature (°Celsius or °Fahrenheit), wind speed and wind direction. Also shown are the sunrise and sunset time and an icon of the current moon phase, with information about the next full moon and new moon.

Info Popup

There is an optional info tooltip/popup, visible on mouse-hover on any clock, showing some additional information, including the current weather for the selected city:

Info Popup

Date/Time strings in the interface are using local language settings (here: German), but the digital clocks can use any language for the time and date.

Time Tool for Companies and Traders with Office Time / Active Time of any Location

6 Digital World Clocks

Dim Clocks outside Daytime or customizable Office Hours

You can easily distinguish cities within and outside a certain time span ("office hours", the default is 8 AM - 5 PM) by dimming clocks outside that time span. This is adjustable from 0% to 90%. Instead of office hours you can also select the daylight hours (time between sunrise and sunset) of every city in the world clock.

Screencast Videos to get you started

Size and Design

The size of the clocks in Sharp World Clock can be changed from tiny to huge - without loss of visual quality! All graphics are rendered vector based and hardware accelerated, using the most advanced and modern WPF technique.

Margins and Columns

In Sharp World Clock the clocks can be arranged any way you like - as a horizontal line or a vertical row and any type of grid. The distance between the clocks is changed with the "Margin" slider in the settings dialog.

Adding Clocks

Adding new clocks is easy: just select "Add" from the menu in one of the clocks - a new clock is added to the clock array - click the "Select City" button and set the new city

Undocking Clocks

You can undock clocks from the main window and place them anywhere on the desktop. After being undocked, they can be docked again. This is just one of the many magic features of Sharp World Clock.

Variable Date/Time Format and Design - multiple Hands and Clock Face Options; 24 Hours Clocks

Sharp World Clock Numerals and Hands Examples This world clock features 13 variations of hour/minute hands and 10 variations for second hands available and 6 variations for numerals: 4/6/12 positions upright, 12 positions rotated, 4/12 roman numerals.

24 Hour Clock

The last clock shows the 24 hour mode, where the hour hand makes a full rotation in 24 instead of 12 hours.

Sky Strip (day / night indicator)

Sky Strip Demo The sky strip is an additional indicator for the day/night status of a city. It shows a symbolic representation of the sun, moving at the sky from sunrise to sunset. The height is adjustable (in the screenshot the height is set to 15 of 1..20). During the night the strip is shown black. For users on the southern hemisphere of the earth the direction can be changed from left->right to right->left.

Sky Strip Options

The sky strip can optionally show the office hours status instead (or additional to) the sky simulation. The first and the last hour of office time is shown in a different color.

Exact Time for every Time Zone or City in the World on your Desktop, with correct Daylight Saving Time (DST)

21 Analog World Clocks The included city database contains every city with a population of 15,000+ and every capital city. Even an array of 21 world clocks like in this screenshot is no problem for Sharp World Clock, it can easily handle that and many more! The clocks in the picture are using the same design, but this is not required. After assigning a general design template to all clocks, you can make changes to some clocks, to make them look differently:

Apply Design

UTC Clock

Instead of cities you can select UTC/GMT or military time zones for the world clocks - just select "Time Zones" in the continent list and select the time zone in the city list.

Learn more about the modules in detail - they all are part of Sharp World Clock:

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