World Clock Alarms, Timers and Notifications

Sharp World Clock comes with a powerful Alarm Center, so it can serve you as a Windows alarm clock. To open the Alarm Center, click the menu item:
Alarm Center Menu Item

Alarms show an elegant, unobtrusive notification banner when due, which comes sliding in from the border, similar to the standard Windows notifications.

Alarm Notifications

Just click a notification banner to make it go away. You can use:

  • Single Alarms - show a reminder on any given date and time
  • Daily Alarms - repeat an alarm each day at a given time or only on selected weekdays
  • Annual Alarms - show an alarm on a certain date each year
  • Count-Down Alarms - set a timespan (hours and minutes, up to 100 hours are possible) and get a reminder when that timespan has elapsed
  • Chimes - hear a sound signal (a simple gong sound or churchbell style) every hour or every quarter-hour or hear the spoken time

There are several extras:

  • Alarms can be set for your local time (system time) or the time of any city
  • An alarm will show a notification popup (similar to a Windows notification) in one of 9 available colors with a short text message
  • Upcoming alarms can be edited or removed
  • You can filter the alarm list for "All Alarms", or "Single", "Daily" and "Annual" alarms
  • You can also filter the alarm list for "Next Month" (the default), "Next Hour" and "Next Year".
    Alarm List
  • Passed alarms will remain in the list (switch to Past Alarms) for 30 days and still can be reviewed or edited during that time
  • There is an optional warning notification 1..10 hours before a single alarm is due and a warning 1..10 days before an annual alarm is due
  • Play a sound (optional, for each alarm individually); use any sound file (MP3, WMA or WAV) to be played once or looped (repeated); a collection of short sound files is included
  • The alarm text can be spoken by a computer voice
  • Alarms can either be dismissed (just click the notification popup) or ordered to come up again in 10 minutes (right-click notification and select from context menu)
  • Notifications can be set to disappear after 10 seconds, 1 minute, 5 minutes (default), 15 minutes or 1 hour - you can always discard them by a mouse click when you are on your computer
  • All sounds and chimes can be set to silent with a switch on the alarm dialog
  • Spoken chimes can be edited, to hear the time in your own language (if a computer voice is available for your system language) and in a sentence you define
  • Single alarms can be displayed in the included Calendar Widget (days are marked)

Alarms for Local Time Zone or other Time Zones

Click the Alarm Clock button in the alarm center, to begin entering a new single alarm. Select the date of your alarm in the calendar (default is the current day) and the time in the time picker.

New Alarm

Optionally you can edit the message text, select the color of the notification popup and set a sound signal in the Action part of the dialog (Sound, Sound Loop or Speak Text).

Click Add Alarm and the alarm is set. If you decide you want to delete the alarm, select it in the list and click the waste bin icon in the upper group box or right-click the menu item and select Remove Alarm. If you want to change features of an alarm, select it and click the pen (edit) icon or right-click the menu item and select Edit Alarm. After editing, click the Update button and the changed alarm is saved.

If the alarm time is supposed to be the local time in another city and time zone, select Time in City instead of the default Local Time. You are then able to select the city of the desired timezone in a combobox. Notice that only cities are displayed, for which you have created or edited clocks in the program. If you need a city not in that list, create or edit a clock for that city.

For single alarms you can also optionally select a number for Warn Hours before. If for instance you have set an alarm at 8:00 p.m. you can set it to "1", so you will be notified at 7:00 p.m. as well.

Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Annual World Clock Alarms

Alarms can not only be single (one-time) alarms, but also:
  • Daily Alarms,
  • Weekly Alarms,
  • Dly Alarms and
  • Annual Alarms

Daily alarms repeat an alarm each day at a given time or only on selected weekdays. For instance you can show a reminder each working day at 5 p.m. to remind you of quitting time or each Friday or only on weekends (Saturday and Sunday).

Recurring Alarms with selected Weekdays

With weekly and monthly alarms you can set an alarm for a certain day of the week and for a certain day of each month.

Annual alarms show an alarm on a certain date each year, like for birthdays or other anniversaries. These alarms can also optionally show a separate reminder 1..10 days before the actual day, in order to do preparations (for instance buy a gift or write a letter).

Count-Down Alarms

Set a Count-Down Alarm when you want to be notified after a certain timespan has elapsed.

Click the Count Down button in the alarm center, to begin entering a new count-down alarm.

Select the number of hours and minutes (up to 99 hours + 59 minutes are possible)

Count Down Alarm

Optionally you can enter a text message, select the color for the notification popup and set a sound signal (Sound, Sound Loop or Speak Text).

Click Add Count Down to start the count down.

Chimes and Speak-the-Time

You can play a sound signal every hour or every quarter-hour or hear the time spoken with a computer voice. To select chimes, open the Chime tab in the alarm center dialog.

Chimes - Hourly, Quarter-Hourly, Speak the Time

Hourly - the sound signal on the (full) hour. Once plays the sound signal once, while 1..12 times plays it multiple times, depending on the current time. At 5 p.m. or 5 a.m. it will play 5 times for instance. It is recommended to use a low-pitched gong sound like bell1.mp3 in the sound collection.

Quarter-Hourly - the sound signal on the quarter-hour. Once plays the sound signal once, while 1..3 times plays it multiple times: once on 15 minutes past the hour, twice on 30 minutes and three times on 45 minutes. It is recommended to use a higher-pitched gong sound like bell3.mp3 in the sound collection.

Speak Time - the option to hear the spoken time. Windows usually comes with an English computer voice (Zira Desktop) and another voice for the system language (if not Englisch). You can either use the default English voice or another voice. In that case you should also modify the text of the spoken time in the Extended Options.

Here is the default text for the English voice:

The time is / hours / minutes
12 Hour Mode / hour / minute
12 midnight / 12 noon

This could be the text for a German voice:

Es ist / Uhr / Minuten
24 Hour Mode / (blank) / (blank)
Mitternacht (or blank) / Mittag (or blank)

With the option Only between you can set a limiting time frame for the chimes, so you will not be disturbed during the night. The volume for each sound signal can be adjusted separately.

Version 9.65

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